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What To Do After a Bicycle Accident?

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There are a lot of reasons why bicycles are growing in popularity in California. The primary reasons are that: (1) Owning bicycles are cheaper than other vehicles and maintenance are relatively simple; (2) Heavy traffic; (3) increasing costs of gasoline and lack of parking for cars and other vehicles; and (4) Effective for exercise.

However, given the benefits provided by owning and using bicycles as recreation or as means of primary transportation, the dangers faced by bicycle riders on the roads and streets of California are also numerous and greater than physical injuries faced by drivers of bigger vehicles like cars, SUVs, trucks and buses. This is why, every time you use your bicycle, you should be very defensive and very careful especially since you share the road with heavier vehicles.

In every bicycle accident, the injuries suffered by bicycle riders are always more severe than those suffered by drivers of vehicles involved in the accident. More often than not, bicycle riders are the only victims of personal injuries when in an accident with other vehicles. Bicycle accident victims usually suffer, scrapes, bruises, cuts, spine injuries, fractures, head injuries and even brain injuries. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if a bicycle rider is wearing all safety gear and precautions, due to the sheer small size of bicycles, bicycle accident victims usually suffer serious injuries as a result.

If you are hit by another vehicle on the road, you should know that you have a right to seek bicycle accident claims against the party at fault, which includes: property damage, actual medical costs, future medical care, loss of earnings, out-of-pocket expenses and even pain and suffering and other non-monetary losses. In worst cases, bicycle accident victims can even be victims of wrongful death due to fatal or mortal injuries resulting in claims of their families for wrongful death compensation.

There are different questions that are going through the minds of every bicycle accident victim like: (1) Who is going to pay the medical bills and when?; (2) What about lost time/income from work?; (3) What information is safe to give the insurance adjusters?; (4) What if the person is uninsured?; or (5) Does one need an attorney?. These are all important concerns and all of them can be addressed by hiring top bicycle accident lawyers who are experienced at representing bicycle accident victims against property owners or drivers of cars, trucks or buses that are involved in the accident.

Regardless if you have already hired a bicycle accident lawyer at the time of the accident or not, the following things to do will definitely help you in your claim for bicycle accident compensation.

  • Gather Evidence- by taking pictures of the scene of the accident, damage to your bicycle and the other vehicle involved, getting information of the insurance of the other party, requesting copies of CCTVs and requesting for information from possible witnesses;
  • Get Medical Treatments- by calling paramedics to get onsite emergency treatment or immediately going to emergency clinics to get proper evaluations and treatments and securing medical records and bills as well as other pharmaceutical expenses;
  • Track Out-of-Pocket Expenses and other Losses- by making sure that you keep receipts of out-of-pocket expenses from buying medicines, medical supplies, obtaining transportation to go to and from treatments;
  • Secure Certification from Employerin order to demand for loss of earnings you will need to secure certification from your employer detailing your hourly compensation and the hours or days you are off work because of the accident;
  • Write Down What Happened- you need to write down everything you remembered that happened while the memory is fresh in your mind to help you later on in presenting your claim; and
  • Hire top bicycle accident Attorney- seeking help and legal representation from lawyers you can trust, like Mesriani Law Group's expert bicycle accident law firm, is vital in providing you with the maximum compensation you deserve for all your damages, pain and suffering and other losses.

No matter how careful you are, chances are, you can become a victim of bicycle accident due to the negligence of another. You don't have total control as to if and when you are going to be in a bicycle accident but always assuring that you are ready and prepared in protecting yourself and your bicycle accident claim by being able to get vital evidence from the time of the accident will be your best course of action to make sure that you are not victimized all over again by assuring that it's the party at fault, and not you, who will shoulder the ill effects of the accident.

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