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Getting bitten by a dog is truly a devastating event that can happen to anyone. Every year in the United States, dog bite cases reach up to approximately 800,000, most of which require medical attention. Such incidents result in physical injuries such as puncture wounds, bruises and scratches, as well as dog bite infections that would most likely result in death, especially if the animal has the dreaded rabies virus. They commonly happen inside homes, establishments, and other premises.
So if you or a loved one of yours was injured because of dog bite, you are entitled to recover damages and other losses against the pet owner. For this, it is imperative that you hire a dog bite attorney to help you with your claim. Your chosen legal representative must have years of experience in representing dog bite victims. Aside from asserting the fault of the dog owner, your dog bite attorney in Los Angeles will pursue your interests of claiming compensation for injuries, damages, and losses you and your family may have incurred.

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A dog can be gentle to other people, but it is possible that it may bite someone, regardless if it’s known for its propensity to bite or not. In your situation, what do you do when a dog bite happens to you? According to dog attack lawyers in California, you must immediately treat your wound with first aid medication to prevent bleeding as well as prevent it from incurring infection. After that, you may have to seek medical treatment by going to the nearest medical facility to make sure you did not sustain any major injury. If the dog that attacked you is not your pet, you must be able to obtain the dog owner’s personal and insurance information. Finally, and most importantly, you must hire a dog bite attorney, especially if you think that you need monetary relief for the injuries and damages you incurred.

Dog Bite Laws in Los Angeles, California

Our personal injury law firm is well versed about the personal injury laws in the State of California, which is why it is not surprising that your chosen personal injury attorney may have to provide you some of the basic things you need to know about dog bite laws in Los Angeles. Under these laws, any dog owner who fails to prevent his or her pet form attacking or biting other people may be held liable for the actions of his or her dog. Dog bite statute of limitations in California imposes “strict liability,” which means that negligent dog owners cannot dispute fault so long as the fact of dog attack or bite is established. In other words, regardless if the dog has bitten someone the first time or not, the dog owner will still be held liable for the injuries and damages of the other.

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Getting bitten by someone else’s dog truly has legal implications. However, not all dog bite victims know that they are entitled to their legal right to obtain compensation from negligent dog owners. This is why a Melrose dog bite attorney will tell you right away that injuries sustained in a dog bite accident are typically more serious than they seem. Additionally, the costs of treatments for your injuries may be expensive, and the only way to cover the expenses for such would be to file a claim against the negligent dog owner. In this case, it would be necessary for you to seek legal representation from a dog bite attorney in Melrose, Los Angeles, California.
Your chosen dog attack lawyer in Melrose, Los Angeles, is not only adept in effectively handling and aggressively pursuing the interest of clients. Your lawyer also understands the plight of dog bite victims and their families. Hence, our personal injury law firm in Los Angeles capable of handling dog bite cases will make it a point to ensure you not only your recovery, but also the most favorable settlement possible.
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