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Accidents happen all the time. There are various reasons why personal injury accidents happen, from human error, negligence, weather condition to product malfunction or defect. In Los Angeles, if you are involved in any type of personal injury accident, whether traffic accident, premise liability accident, personal injuries or other accidents, you have a right to seek reparation and claim damages against the party at fault. If you have ever been involved in traffic accident like car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, and pedestrian accident or even bus accident, truck accident or train accident, there are top Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who can help you with your claims. It is never easy to claim damages against the other party especially when you are in pain due to your injuries and your family is in disarray due to the emotional pain and psychological turmoil brought about by your accident. Hence, in these cases, you should never try to negotiate your claims on your own and let the legal experts deal with your traffic accident claims so you can concentrate in healing yourself and putting your family back together again.

Why Seek Assistance from Expert Personal Injury Attorneys?

In any type of personal injury accident, which also include premise liability accidents like slip and fall accident, trip and fall accident, dog bite, personal injury or construction accident, the victim will definitely suffer any of the following injuries: scratches, bruises and contusions to more serious injuries like spine injuries, fractures, burn injuries, head injury and even brain injury. In worst case scenarios like in animal attacks, boating accident and aviation accident, victims could definitely even suffer wrongful death. If you are among the unfortunate ones involved in any type of negligence accident, you will definitely need proper treatments to make sure that your life is not in danger due to undiagnosed serious injuries. As you know, medical treatments are never cheap, especially if you will need comprehensive treatments for your serious injuries from undergoing x-rays, MRIs, lab tests, neurological tests, chiropractic care, physical therapy treatments, orthopedic treatments and even epidural injections and surgeries. This is why, in pursuing your claim, you should seek assistance only from Mesriani Law Group's expert Los Angeles personal injury attorneys who have decades of experience in negotiating and litigating claims against large insurance companies and big law firms. Time and again, we advise victims of accidents not to negotiate their claims on their own because they will definitely be faced by insurance adjusters or lawyers who are experienced in providing defenses for their clients. Aside from this, rules of law and statutes differ and they could be very complex to the inexperienced and hence, you might unwittingly either waive your right to claim damages or agree to a settlement that is not even enough to pay for your medical treatments. Hence, in case of any type of accident, the first thing you should do is seek assistance from us and we'll make sure that we protect your rights and claim the maximum compensation you deserve against the party at fault.

What To Do after Being Involved in an Accident?

As a personal injury victim, you are entitled to the following compensation: (1) Property damage relating to the repair or replacement of your vehicle, including reasonable amount for rental and storage fees; (2) Actual medical costs for your examinations, evaluations and treatments, including surgeries and post-operative care; (3) Future medical care for recommended treatments post-discharge; (4) Lost earnings due to absence from or inability to do work, which includes future or prospective loss of income; (5) Pain and suffering, which includes emotional pain and psychological trauma; and (6) Punitive damages when it is proven that the negligent party acted with recklessness or in complete disregard of your welfare. However, before being able to obtain the above claim, you need to first show evidence that the party was at fault and that fault caused you to suffer the damages and injuries you are claiming. In order to help your case, immediately after any type of accident, you should remember to do the following: take pictures of the scene of the accident, exchange information with the other party in case of traffic accident or ask for the insurance of the owner or manager of the property in case of premise liability accident, obtain contact information of possible witnesses and request CCTV footage of the scene of the accident if available. By doing the foregoing, you'll definitely be helping your diligent personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles get you the best compensation you deserve at the swiftest time possible.

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Mesriani Law Group’s highly skilled personal injury law firms in Los Angeles are well respected for our aggressive stance in pursuing all personal injury claims. As of date, we have already obtained hundreds of millions in award due to our diligent representation of all our clients' cases. Aside from being legal eagles, we are also known for our compassion towards our clients and their families. While taking care of their claims, we reassure our clients of their situation and provide status of their claims every step of the way. To help ease their burdens we even provide contingency based representation backed up with our No Win No Fee guarantee to let them know that we will always provide top notch legal service regardless of the seriousness of their accidents or the actual value of their claims. If you or any of your loved ones have been injured in an accident and you need top legal representation in Los Angeles and throughout California, don't hesitate to call us now at (866) 500-7070 or submit your queries via our online “Free Case Review” form and we will help you in the best possible ways we can.

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