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Premises Accidents Overview

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What is a premises accident? Basically, it is an event involving someone getting injured or killed inside or outside the premises. However, there is more to it than just the casualties. Such an event often involves the legal theory of negligence, or the failure to act reasonably to prevent an accident from happening.

In this instance, a premises accident happens if the owner, manager, tenant, or anyone in-charge of the premises failed to make sure that the property is relatively safe and free from certain conditions that could put other people’s lives in peril. Certain conditions such as wet or slippery surfaces, scattered debris, broken hand rails or uneven steps on a staircase, impediments that would block other people’s way, and the like, should be taken care of and must not be left as they are.
You might be thinking of what to do when a premises accident occurs. Typically, it would be imperative for the victim to quickly call the police and paramedics, especially if there’s an injury that needs immediate treatment. Also, since the incident may involve negligence, the victim also has the legal right to obtain compensation from the liable party, which could be a person or any collective group responsible for the management and maintenance of the property where the accident happened. Obviously, the burden of establishing proof of the property owner’s fault in the accident is shouldered by the victim. This is why it is important for him or her to seek legal representation from a reputable Los Angeles premises accident attorney who will help him or her gather the needed pieces of evidence to prove the fault of the liable party.

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If you or any of your family members have been hurt because of any premises accidents mentioned above, you need to seek help from our expert premises liability attorney right away. Our top personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, California are known for their aggressive stance in going after parties at fault who caused the accidents. Aside from being vigilant in making sure that you get the maximum compensation you deserve, the expert help of a personal injury lawyer in California is instrumental because it will ensure you further protection against the high costs of legal service and costly medical treatments.

Premises Accidents

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